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Dealing with unsuspicious links in Messenger IMs

Have you ever received links from your friends in Messenger IMs? Well, I’ve had received many times of it. The links appear to come from your friends, but when you click them, they go to something unexpected or unsavory.

Unfortunately, this is a worm. When you click such a link, not only do you go to a site that your friend didn’t send you, and that you probably do NOT want to see, but the worm can also get into your Messenger, and send similar IMs to everyone in your contact list, thus keeping the chain going. Sneaky, eh? If you think you may have clicked a link like this in the past, run a free full-PC scan to help ensure that your PC has not been infected. 

And don’t click any links in Messenger unless you are 100% sure that your friend intended to send you those links.

Here is a great blog post about this worm, on Jonathan Kay’s Messenger Geek blog: How to avoid a phishing worm on Messenger and what to do if you’ve been affected.

Credits: Windows Live Team Blog

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