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Subscribing to Online Calendar


Why subscribe instead of import calendars?

Well, there are a few differences between subscribing and importing:

  • If you subscribe to an online calendar, whenever the third-party calendar is updated, your calendar is updated as well. This is great for calendars on the web, like sports schedules. To subscribe to an online calendar, all you need to know is the URL for the calendar and then paste it into Windows Live Calendar.
  • If you import an online calendar, you don’t get calendar updates, you get a copy or “snapshot” of the calendar. This is great for uploading calendars from a computer, like migrating from an old calendar to Windows Live Calendar. To import a calendar, you need to save the .ics file to your computer and then import it into Windows Live Calendar.

How to subscribe to an Online Calendar?

  1. Go to Windows Live Calendar and sign in with your Windows Live ID.
  2. Click Subscribe at the top of the web page.
  3. In the Calendar URL box, paste the URL for the online calendar, name the calendar, change the color (if you want), and click Subscribe to calendar.


Windows Live Calendar lets you know that your subscription was added. Just click Done to see your calendars. And if the events don’t show up on your calendar right away, check back because it will be updated shortly.


Credits: Windows Live Team Blog

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  1. Unknown
    March 25, 2010 at 10:56 pm

    I have an error coming up that says they are having problems with subscribing calendars, to try again later. Any suggestions, since I\’ve been trying this for several days?

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