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Windows 7 – Create a HomeGroup

Ever wanted to share your music, pictures and documents within your home computers and found the task to be difficult? HomeGroup in Windows 7 will simplify the tasks associated with sharing music, pictures and documents within your home network and Windows 7 PCs. HomeGroup also allows you to share your USB connected printers, if you have a printer in the living room that’s shared by HomeGroup it will be automatically installed onto your other HomeGroup enabled PCs. Domain-joined computers can be part of a HomeGroup too.

Creating a new HomeGroup:

  1. Open Windows Explorer and click Homegroup on the panel to the left and click Create a HomeGroup
  2. Next, select which type of folder do you want to share with the HomeGroup, then click Next to continue.
  3. Wait for the wizard to finish creating the new HomeGroup. Click Next when the wizard is done.
  4. You can print out the HomeGroup password. This password will be required when other PC’s are requesting to join this HomeGroup.


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