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Windows 7 – Protect your data with BitLocker

Have you ever thought of protecting your data in case of computer theft or losing an external storage device? Some of you may or may not face this kind of problems. But if any of this case happens, we will be worrying of the data stored  inside. So, why not take be prepared for it? Let me introduce you to Windows 7 BitLocker.

Originally introduced in Windows Vista, BitLocker is kind of file encryption tools with simple configuration for average users, though it’s offering high level of data protection, resulting peace of mind in case of loosing the physical access to our files. In Windows 7 however, BitLocker had some improvements, mainly in configuration and setup stages. In addition to that and brand new in Windows 7, we may enjoy a new kind of service called BitLocker To Go which is basically dedicated to removable devices (Pen drive for instance).

Protecting your USB stick with BitLocker

  1. Insert your USB stick in your PC
  2. In Windows Explorer, right click on your USB stick and click Turn on BitLocker
  3. This opens up the BitLocker wizard.
    Choose if you want to protect your USB stick with a password or a smart card. In this case we choose Use a password to unlock the drive. Type in your password and click Next
  4. Next, select to Save the recovery key to a file or Print the recovery key. This recovery key is important when you lost the password that you entered previously. Then click Next
  5. Finally click Start Encrypting and you’re almost done in protecting your data.
  6. Wait for the encryption to complete

Now,since you have protected your USB stick, let’s try to open the protected USB stick. When you are trying to open the files in the USB stick, you will be prompt to enter a password to unlock this drive.

NOTE: Remember to use the USB stick on PC that has to support BitLocker. So, don’t go in to an important meeting and realizes that you cant access your data.


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