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Creating your profile – Get Started with Windows Live

What is your Profile actually, and why is it important to be as detailed as possible? Well, your profile is the first info that is presented to a user with when they search or click on your picture or Avatar that you use around Windows Live. The more detail you put, the more likely people will be able to find you and invite you to join their network. Now, lets get started to creating your profile.

1. Go to the Profile page by clicking on Profile on the top of the page (you will need to sign in first)

2. Click on Edit Profile Details and you will then be taken to the edit details page, which contains a set of different headings as follows, NAME, PICTURE, PERSONAL MESSAGE, ABOUT YOU, FAVOURITE THINGS,SOCIAL, EDUCATION AND WORK INFO. Now we will work our way through filling all of these details in about yourself.

EditProfileDetails3.  Name

  • Click on the Name title, or the blue Edit to be taken to the NAME page where you can input your name. Enter your first name in the box. NOTE. This first name will be visible to everyone on the internet. You can use a Nickname if you do not want to use your own name
  • Now enter your last name. You can decide who sees your last name, if you do not wish anyone to see it, then do NOT tick the box underneath. TIP. If you prefer to not disclose or use your last name here at all, then just place a – dash in the box instead.  When you have completed filling in the name boxes, then click on SAVE.

4. Picture

  • Click on Edit under the grey figure in order to access the YOUR PICTURE page.
  • Choose a picture of yourself (or an Avatar if you have one on your computer) by clicking on the BROWSE button and then load up a picture from your picture files. TIP. If you own a webcam, you could use that to take a picture of yourself.
  • Once the picture has uploaded, then just click and hold to ‘drag’ the sides of the orange box around until you are happy with the position of the picture. You can see what your Windows Live picture will look like in the lozenge to the left. When you are happy with the position then just click on SAVE.

5. Personal Message

  • This is entirely optional, but you can enter a message that will be placed at the top of your Profile page for all your visitors to see, and make them feel welcome. You can put anything you like here such as ‘Hi, I am new here’ or ‘Welcome to my Profile’ for example, its completely up to you.

6. About You

  • Age – This is optional. You can leave it blank if you don’t want to fill this up.
  • Gender – This is again optional. You can choose to disclose your gender.
  • Occupation – Here, you can state what your job is.
  • Location – This is again optional. It is up to you whether you want other users to know roughly where are you.
  • More About You – This area allows you to put in some more detail about yourself that other users might be interested in knowing.
  • Interests. This area is particularly important because it allows other users to see you if they happened to conduct a search using their interests, and one of your interests were the same.

7. Contact Info

  • Click on Edit or Contact Info to go to the Edit Contact Info page.
  • Before filling up your info, it might be a good idea to protect your privacy by controlling who is able to view your info. NOTE: By default, it should be set to My Network.
  • Click on the blue choice next to shared with, then click on the Clear these settings, and make sure all the check boxes are unchecked. Then click Save. This is to make sure that all your information are only be accessible by you.
  • Next, fill in your information and click Save once you’re done.

8. Favorite Things

  • Click on the Favorite Things heading to go to the Favorite Things page.
  • Once again, it is important to control who is able to view this section. You can change the permissions by clicking on Edit Permissions on the top and select who is able to view this section.
  • Next, you can add your favorite music, books, and movies by clicking on the blue link next to each categories icon picture.

9. Social

  • This page will be seen by everyone who has access to your Profile page, but you can adjust the permissions for it later if you so wish. The choices to fill in are about your personal relationship, whether you are interested in making friends, dating, activity partners or business networking, your home town (and again you do not have to fill any of this information in if you don’t want to) Places where you have lived, what sort of sense of humour you possess (if any!) your choice of fashion and finally your favorite quote. Click Save when you’re done.

10. Education

  • This area is concerned with any colleges or universities that you may have attended, and if you are interested in getting in touch with anyone from your college days, then you can fill the information in by clicking on the Education title.

11. Work Info

  • Again, filling the info in for this category is entirely dependent on whether or not you want other users to have access to your work details. It is not compulsory. Once you have completed al of these details, your profile information is complete and you can return to your profile page to see how other users will be able to view it and just to check that everything seems in order

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