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Silverlight 4 Released

The final release of Silverlight 4 is now available!

What is in the Silverlight 4 Release
Silverlight 4 contains a ton of new features and capabilities.  In particular we focused on three scenarios with this release:

  • Further enhancing media support
  • Building great business applications
  • Enabling out of the browser experiences

On Tuesday Scott Guthrie gave a 60 minute keynote about Silverlight 4 which showed off many of the new features and capabilities now available.  You can watch Scott Guthrie’s keynote to learn more about Silverlight 4 and see a ton of great demos of it in action.

Also check out these three great posts by Tim Heuer that talk about the new features and provide a guide to the new Silverlight 4 capabilities:

Also read David Anson’s great Silverlight 4 Toolkit post to learn more about the new controls and functionality also available within the Silverlight Toolkit release we also made available today.  Visit this page to learn more about the new Pivot functionality in Silverlight 4 – which makes it really easy to visualize and interact with collections of images using Silverlight.

Lastly – make sure to visit the www.silverlight.net web-site and visit the “Get Started” section to find free tutorials that you can use.

Download Silverlight 4 here!

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