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Windows Live Wave 4 – New Header

There have been news about the new Windows Live wave 4 around the Internet for the past few months. Today, you will be able to see this new Windows Live Wave 4 header with your Windows Live ID. You can login and view this new header at https://consent.live.com.


WindowsLiveWave4-4 This Hotmail section will be dynamically updated. Unread email will be alerted as they come into your Inbox. Here, you will be able to access your Inbox, Calendar, Contacts, and send an email.
WindowsLiveWave4-3 This is the section that is new where you can access the Web Messenger. You can also search your Messenger contacts directly from the search bar.
WindowsLiveWave4-2 The new Web Messenger also supports tabbed chats which enables you to chat with few person at the same time. This conversation box will appear at the bottom-right of your browser window. Furthermore, you will also be able to insert emoticons into your chat.

Furthermore, you can click on the “minimize” icon to minimize the conversation box into a bar at the bottom of the browser window.

WindowsLiveWave4-5 The Office link will direct you to http://www.officelive.com where you can create new/modify your documents on the web. However, it is not possible to create new documents at the moment.


This photos link will direct you to your photo album online.


For anyone who wants to try out the Windows Live Wave 4 services UI, this is an excellent place for you to try it out.

Source: LiveSide.net, My Microsoft Life

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