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Windows Azure: How-To Create Remote Desktop to Windows Azure

In this article, I will show you how to create a remote desktop connection to your Windows Azure application web role. I will assume that you have already created a Windows Azure project and a Web Application project in Visual Studio. If you have not do, please see my post here on How To Create Classic ASP Solution.

  1. Load your Windows Azure Project in Visual Studio
  2. On the Windows Azure project, Right-Click and select Publish
  3. On the pop-up wizard, click on Configure Remote Desktop Connections
  4. Select a certificate. Enter username, password, confirm password, and expiration date and click OK. Then click OK again on the Deploy Windows Azure Project wizard.
    If you do not have a certificate created, see How-To Create a Certificate in pfx format

Note: You should be able to see some changes made to the ServiceConfiguration.cscfg and ServiceDefinition.csdef files.






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