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MSP photochain

May 21, 2009 Leave a comment
Now, you can see Mirosoft Student Partners from around the world using Deep Zoom and Microsoft Tag technology. You can view them at This MSP Photochain project is the result of a massive effort of photo collection of MSP’s around the world. This project showcases the many faces of real people who make the MSP program a success.
What is Deep Zoom?
Deep Zoom provides the ability to zoom almost arbitrarily large images in Silverlight in a performant manner. Images can be displayed at very small and very large scale without affecting performance of the application displaying the image. The only property affecting performance is the number of pixels to be displayed on screen.
There are already a number of websites that have started using the Deep Zoom technology in their websites. One of the coolest sample websites that uses the Deep Zoom technology is by HardRock Memorabilia [View the website here]. Go ahead and try it. See how deep you can zoom in.