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MSDN Malaysia: Orchard on the Cloud contest

Hi everyone,

MSDN is having a great contest with great prizes to be won for 5 weeks. Check it out!


What is this contest about?

We are looking out for the best Orchard on the Windows Azure platform, literally. Orchard CMS is a free, open source content management system that allows users to rapidly create web sites on the Microsoft ASP.NET platform. It is built on a flexible extensibility framework that enables developers and customizers to provide additional functionality through extensions and themes.


What attractive prizes do I stand to win?

We will be picking the best Orchard on a weekly basis during the duration of this contest. The best Orchards stand to win the following:

Week 1 Arc Touch Mouse + Arc Keyboard
Week 2

Wireless Xbox controller

Week 3 Crumpler Bag
Week 4

Microsoft Sidewinder X3 + X4 (mouse + keyboard)

Week 5 USB 3.0 External Hard Disk Drive

And everyone who enters will also receive a RM10 Starbucks Gift Voucher*!

Pre-requisite: Get your free Windows Azure Pass. (Step-by-step guide here)

HOWTO: Orchard CMS on Windows Azure

Step 1: Go to Orchard CMS web application page on Windows Web App Gallery

Step 2: Install Orchard CMS on your local computer, and explore what and how to customize.

Step 3: Use your creative imagination and innovation to customize your Orchard website to the best-looking Orchard site. You wouldn’t want it to look as plain as the following:

Step 4: Once you have tested your customized Orchard website on your local machine, it’s time to deploy it on Windows Azure platform. Full tutorial can be found here.

Step 5: Report your customized Orchard CMS website by telling us its URL on Windows Azure. For example,